Hardware available (22 Machines total):

-Colocation-: Hardware is our physical ownership and we have 24/7 access. It lives on a Datacenter with good cooling and internet connection and in our own enclosed rack cabinet.

For more information, please checkout our hardware subpage.


  1. 1Gbps symmetrical on industrial fiber (We have dug the trench ourselves!)
  2. Each VPS runs on 2Gbps symmetrical
  3. Data Center Finland runs 1Gbps symmetrical
  4. Data Center Germany DataCenter runs 1Gbps symmetrical
  5. In case of emergency, back up connections are in place
Location(s) of our infrastructure [nº of online machines per location]:
  1. Germany - Datacenter [6]
  2. Germany - Local✝ [2]
  3. Spain [2]
  4. Finland [2]

These locations run 100% on renewable energy, as per contract. Utilities: Repsol (Spain), Oomi Oy (Finland, as provided by Hetzner).

✝Starting contract 1st of May 2022, this location is running 100% renewable. Utility swb (Germany).

Starting 1st of May, we expect that all our machines run with renewable contracts.

Operation & Maintenance

We intend to report the real usage of our hardware in the same way as we would do with energy production. Reporting network usage in terms of transactions, our missed blocks, and (why not?) load on the most used O&M factors of our controlled infrastructure: Input/Output, Read and Write.

It's in our best interest to report these O&M parameters the best we can, in order to help other operators that use similar hardware to learn the real costs of operation and maintenance strategies.

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