The Wind DAO

The WIND DAO is an experiment made the night of the 03.02.2022, where the $WIND token was minted and a DAO in order to experiment with governance. The $WIND token was airdropped to $JUNO stakers at validator "windpowerstake", and this was done in this way in order to make it easy.
As the initial distribution was our first attempt, we are going to ask all initial delegators to experiment with staking tokens in the DAO. In the case a LP of $WIND tokens is created, there is little control we can exert, as we own just 2 of the initial 74 delegators (1.3%)

In any case it is recognized that the initial distribution is not optimal and we want to include newcomers, huahua delegators, nomic delegators and neighbouring participants on active, small validators, healthy well distributed accounts, not necessary to our validator. Participation means presence, voting, development of tools, helping and experimenting as well. So we'll tend to repair this in future snapshots.

Idea on Wind Oracle

We need ideas.

On a windy day:

On a calmed warm day:

As it was pointed out, it makes sense to divide this utility between both hemispheres, having summer in June-September in northern latitudes and summer again in September-June in the southern latitudes. Price of both assets will be auto-regulated, hopefully.

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