Welcome to our website. Windpowerstake is a validation service operating on Juno, Evmos, Chihuahua, Nomic, Cerberus, Teritori, Rebus.

We Love the Doge

Feel free to read about our validation approach, little projects and objectives using the menu on the left.

To-do list / done:

The Wind DAO

(this is paused atm, and we'll come back stronger, we have enjoyed a lot the DAO DAO sessions on twitter spaces. A donation placeholder has been set up) The Wind DAO is driven by the idea of experimenting with the Juno tools for minting purposes. This DAO would be centered around wind power fans, supporters, and might serve well as means to link our energy sources to a $WIND token. Ideas around this DAO are in progress. Check out:

Communication at twitter.com/windpowerstake or at Cri|windpowerstake via Telegram and Discord channels.

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